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Secure storage of goods IN Kharkov.

 Ltd. LOGISTICS CENTER LEADER CLASS has the storage space of up to 10 000m2 for safekeeping in Kharkov. Protected area, convenient location, shelving and floor storage, complete infrastructure, fast processing of goods, any storage technology, convenient access to eurotrucks, personal approach.
Warehouse custody does not require a financial investment in any building, nor in its equipment, does not require the presence of the warehouse employees of the client, does not require constant monitoring of the work of warehouse staff, its honesty.
Secure storage allows you to deal exclusively with business and not to waste your time on  a large number of small problems on the organization of storage facilities.



All leased area, without dependence of using area is paid. Only occupied area is paid. No goods - no payment.
Rented premise is limited by the taken area. There is a possibility of extending without any problems, options of expansion of the storage  is not a problem of the client.
Purchase of warehouse equipment, forklifts. There is all necessary equipment in a storage.

Repair of the forklifts.

It is included in service cost.
Trainings for a storage staff. Professionally trained staff, years of experience and availability of regular customers is the guarantee of the fulfilment of this tasks by us.
Expenses of wage payment,  sick-list payment and holiday money for the staff ensuring storage services. Are included in service cost.
Administrative and operational costs. Are included in service cost.
Taxes which pays the company (deductions to the pension fund , social insurance fund, etc.). Are included in service cost.

Purchase and installation of equipment to ensure safe storage of goods.

Our company is equipped with:
system around the clock video surveillance and video recording;
Protected area warehouse.
Full accounting of goods in quantity, assortment, shelf life and other parameters;
Modern systems of the reporting and document circulation;

High speed of processing and goods shipment.

Clients don”t have to spend their time and effort to solve these problems.
Our company s
olves them.

Marking, stickering products on-site storage of goods;
Our qualified personnel will do that for you.

Ordering ours warehous services you save money and request the storage of your goods to the specialists - Logistics.


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